Asperger’s Autism

On June 28, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

A Brief on the Asperger’s Autism

By Susi Irawati


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Asperger's Autism

Some scientists mentioned that Asperger’s autism is included into autism disorder, which has slight difference and characteristics with other types of autism, such as Rett syndrome, classic autism, and other two types of autism. However, this article will mainly regard the Asperger’s autism as one of the autism disorders that all parents are to be aware of. Knowing and comprehending what the Asperger’s autism will allow parent and people in general the exact treatment method.

The Asperger’s autism simply means autism that can be characterized by the difficulties in social interaction. In wider perspective, it is a kind of disorder of the autism continuum, in which the sufferer has a strong obsession in certain activity and things, such as collecting goods. Therefore, children with Asperger’s autism usually ignore their surroundings, yet have a high interest in their likeness; it means that if there is someone disturbs them, they will be very much aggressive. And as other kinds of autism, children with Asperger’s autism have a low language and speech ability, so they will find it hard to express and utter their feeling and expression.

Therefore, there are some things parents can do to recognize the Asperger’s autism in their children. First, parents should evaluate their social ability; whether they tend to be alone and individualism. As previously mentioned, one symptom or sign of Asperger’s autism is that the sufferer has a low social interaction skill, which makes them like to be alone more than gathering in a group. Second, parents should also evaluate their speech ability, for children with Asperger’s autism have such limited vocabulary, or even memorizing such vocabularies. Third, parents should also observe if their children have a strong likeness or obsession in certain goods; as explained before, children with Asperger’s autism usually have a strong fascination in certain goods.

Parents who are recognizing the Asperger’s autism symptoms in their children are to give the right treatment and medication, as soon as possible. The first and preferable treatment to Asperger’s autism is social training and cognitive behavioral therapy, which is mainly meant to train the children’s social ability and their behavior toward other people as well. Nevertheless, parents are to consult the doctor or pediatrician to gather some advices toward the best Asperger’s autism their children should have, for finding the right treatment might be quite painstaking. Check my other information about autism society here.


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