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Speech Therapy in Autism Centers

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Speech therapy sessions will vary greatly depending upon the child and the therapist. For example, the Direct Instruction language program called Language for Learning may be helpful for teaching spoken language to school aged children with autism.

Medical Autism Clinic in Alabama

Many scientific studies have demonstrated that most forms of speech therapy are able to improve the communication skills of children with autism and most autism centers offer some form of speech therapy. MAC localizes specialists in genetics, nutrition, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation, sleep disorders and audiology in to expedite the evaluation of children with autism.

Vermont Rural Autism Project

The Vermont Rural Autism Project uses applied family-centered practice during speech and language therapy. Applied family-centered practice is a specific intervention developed in the late 1980s that encourages therapists to include parents and families as part of the therapy program. Families are encouraged to participate and collaborate with therapists. The Vermont Rural Autism Project was a 3-year project that started as a family-centered program with specially-trained speech therapists. Learning More about Speech Therapy

Please visit Healing Thresholds to learn more about speech therapy and other autism therapies.

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 Autism Center

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 Autism Center

Autism center



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