Autism Definition

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Autism Definition at a Glance

Autism Definition Autism Definition

Autism Definition

By Susi Irawati

Autism definition is a mental illness appears in a child during the first few years of his life. Through this Autism definition, many countries show that over half a million people their inhabitants are suffering from autism.

Simply, that Autism definition refers to one of the most common forms of brain development disorder. Conventional medicine describes Autism definition as a medical condition in which a child experiences some of the following impairments: repetitive behavior, speech skill obstruction, social and communication skills delayed, and limited interest. While traditional Chinese’s medicine explains Autism definition as a health condition of five weaknesses, five delays and medium burner stagnation. The five weaknesses mean five types of floppiness that represent the weakness of neck, mouth, upper limits, lower limits and muscles. While five delays mean five types of retardation that represent the delay of speaking, standing, walking, teeth eruption, and hair growth. Medium burner stagnation means organ disorders, which are located in between the belly button and the heart and lung. The disorder represents malnutrition condition and foods stagnation.

Meanwhile, the Autism Society of America (ASA) describes Autism definition as a multifaceted developmental disability that usually shows up during the first three years of a child life, and it is resulted in a neurological disorder that affects the normal brain functioning so that influencing children development in the social interaction and communication skills area. This Autism definition represents the fact that people with autism generally show a complexity in both verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure activities.

Besides some Autism definition mentioned above, most Autism definition refers to a severe and disturbing psychological disorder. Autistic people suffer serious obscurities in interacting and communicating with other people. Autism influences the social, behavioral and emotional development, and it often start in people with autism’s childhood, and lasting well into their adulthood. Therefore, an autistic child needs help and guidance, and their treatment continues permanent. Although some Autism definition patients have been recognized to display certain incredible attributes, few  of them can live unaided. Most people with autistic will find it unattainable to make a successful transition from their childhood to their adulthood because of their childlike innocence. Some people consider Autism definition as just a state of mind and not a disease, especially when they see autistic people who have genius talents in music and creativity fields.

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