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On May 25, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

The Autism Facts

 Autism Facts

facts about autism

By Susi Irawati

Autism facts can quickly discover by parents with children with autism, but other people outside the family like their relatives, cousins, teachers, neighbor, may need to read many books and articles only to find about autism facts. The National Institutes of Health provides twenty closely-written pages about autism facts, and this brief article provides the basics autism facts for a quick read.

The first thing to understand regarding autism facts is that autism is a spectrum disorder, which means a disorder that includes a broad range of symptoms; hence the term “autism spectrum disorder (ASD)“. The most significant symptom is social communication difficulty such as eye contact, conversation, taking another’s point of view, etc.

Other thing about autism facts is that people with autism are different from one to another. You may think people with autism are more like the character in the movie ‘Rainman’, Actually, when you met a person with autism, it means you have met ONE person with autism. Some people with autism are silent, some others may like to chat, and some others may have social-communication delays. Some people with autism have sensory problems, gastrointestinal issues, sleep difficulties and other different medical problems. It is autism facts that people with autism may seem as a completely negative diagnosis. However, almost everyone with autism has a great thing to offer to the world. It is autism facts too that they are best candidates for many types of careers as people with autism are among the most passionate people, non judgmental and quite straightforward people you will ever meet.

You need to see that autism facts show that people don’t grow out of autism, it is a lifelong diagnosis. Sometimes, some people who receive intensive early intervention may decrease the symptoms radically. The autism facts also show that people with autism are able to learn surviving skills to help them manage their difficulties; however, they will probably be autistic all over their lives. That makes the families that dealing with autism need help and support as they might be under a great deal of stress so that they need all the non judgmental help from other family members, friends and communities.

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