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Is there Autism Linked to the MMR Injection?

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Autism mmr

Do you have questions about child vaccinations? Is it save for our children get their vaccinations?

There’s a database that all children are registered on and automatically they’ll be sent appointments through the post about their vaccines.

The thing that important is that the vaccine is a weakened version of the live Measles, Mumps and Rubella viruses. MMR protects against all of them. Measles is a very infectious virus. The complications of measles affect one in every 15 children which is quite a high number. If a lady was pregnant in the first few months and she came into contact with a child who had Rubella it could have serious complications for her unborn child.

Some scientists published a paper on 12 children who had autism but they also had bowel problems. Many parents of autistic children know that there is something wrong with their child very early on and some babies may appear to develop signs of autism when they’re older and this kind of autism is actually called regressive autism and was known about long before the MMR vaccine was introduced.

Unfortunately the vaccine is given at around about the time that children are communicating more….. If there was any doubt that these vaccines were going to cause any harm to children they would be removed, they would not be licenced. Why can’t we give single vaccines?

All evidence shows that the vaccine is safe. The reason we don’t promote the single vaccines is that it’s the time gaps between the three vaccines that would leave children exposed to disease so there would be an increase in Measles, Mumps and Rubella leading to illness and possibly death.

At the moment we have the combined vaccine. Can a babies immune system be overloaded with this 3-in-1 injection?

The MMR vaccine is three live viruses that have been weakened…once the vaccine is given the body has no problem with coping with it. Within about 10 days the Measles component of the vaccine starts to produce an immune response and at that time a child may have a high temperature, a fever, they also may develop a Measle type rash.

Do MMR Vaccines really Cause Autism?

The MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella) vaccines are prime suspect for autism. It appears that the number of diagnosed cases of autism increases since the inception and use of MMR vaccine.

Two considerations regarding the debate over vaccines and autism are the claim of increased cases, and the results of studies that evaluated a possible correlation between vaccines and autism.

Do increased Cases of Autism are Conclusive Evidence?

A report on similar study in the State of California suggests a possible correlation between vaccines and autism. The report hints at a marked rise in cases of autism and correlates this increase with an increase in the MMR vaccine being administered. Studies Suggesting a Correlation – Or Not

There are studies that have been conducted that suggest a relationship between vaccines and autism.

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