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Simple Way to Screening PDD Autism

By Susi Irawati

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Autism pdd nos

Is Autism Pdd curable?

PDD is not curable. Pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) is the most common form of autism. However, early detection through examination and a proper diagnosis, the individual quality of life improve dramatically.

Here some simple way to screening pdd autism:

1. Criteria   for   autism to cope with limitations in three areas, including social behavior, repetitive behaviors   and stereotyped          behavior of speech.

2. Take your child to a licensed medical professional for the first autism research. This study will take the form of a questionnaire screening autism.

3. Complete the online assessment scale EDP (see sources below). Results will be calculated for you seconds after completing the online form. This tool will give you as  parents in determining the future of your child’s medical needs.

4. If each parent completed forms, fill online questionnaire to calculate the score for each parent.

5. Administering the questionnaire Social Communication.


Simple Step To  Raise a Child PDD NOS Light

Between the labels can be placed on children with autism today than ever, the existing obstacles in our lives, and children with mild PDD, NOS either be through the pass, or what is worse, during the passage.

Here simple step to raise a child with PDD nos light:

First step

To take to help your child to search for local autism center. These centers are for you, the parents to ask questions and obtain the necessary information to support your child grows.

Second step

Better equipped some schools with teachers who specialize in helping children who suffer from autism

Third step

Could be looking at the site of Autism Society to help you reliable information that will be helpful in raising your child.

Forth step

Many autistic children suffer from some form of sensory sensitivity, whether audio or light touch. You can find great sites that offer you the game and tips on how to help your child is set correctly for the world around them. Parents interest in things that seem to set off your child. Whatever your child is sensitive to be aware of and try to test different ideas for how the reaction of your child.

Fifth step

Every child is different, so it is trial and error to see if this work for you.

Six step

Depending on the diagnosis of your child your child can benefit from participating in the Autism Center that can give your specialized training. But if your child is moderate enough and there are great programs in many school systems that provide early childhood development classes, which are smaller in size, and focus on the development of speech. This can be a wonderful classes for children is not quite ready to move to the normal group.


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