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The Various Types of Autism Therapy

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It usually affects the person’s social and communication skills autism children. There are some treatments and therapy for autism that can improve the patient’s developmental growth.    Many patients have, in fact, benefited from therapeutic intervention.

1. DIR/ Floortime

It focuses more on the child’s emotional development. Such approach to autism intervention is said to be child-centered. It involves not just Floortime specialists but parents as well.

2. Relationship Development Intervention

Among the Dynamic Intelligence Skills are dynamic analysis, flexible problem solving, experience sharing, episodic memory, resilience, and self-awareness.

3. Applied Behavior Analysis

It is considered as a systematic approach to evaluating behavior as well as applying interventions that changes the person’s behavior.

4. Play Therapy

Play Project is an additional therapeutic approach utilizing play as an instrument for developing skills in children with autism.

5. Sensory Integration Therapy

A type of occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy puts a child in a room that’s specially designed to test and stimulate all his or her senses.

This autism therapy works in principles:

1.  The autistic child gets used to fresh and useful tactics in response to the presented challenges.

2.  The child with autism is willing to participate because the presented activities are fun

Speech therapy can help Autism Children

Speech therapy sessions will vary greatly depending upon the therapist and the child.

Speech Therapy Improves Behavior

Many scientific studies demonstrate that speech therapy is able to improve the communication skills of children with autism. In addition, many children also show improved behavior after speech and language therapy. A 2009 survey of the parents of 210 preschool children asked the parents about their expectations before speech and language therapy, and then asked about any improvements in their children after therapy. Parents said play, social skills, and confidence, as well as speech, improved after therapy.

Speech Therapists Enter the Community

Speech therapists can also be a wonderful resource for people offering services to children with autism.

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Music Therapy for Autism Children

Music therapy is a controlled music experience that is used to facilitate positive change in human behavior.

Music therapy can include any of the following musical activities:

o Playing musical instruments (any instrument can be used)

o Moving to music

Participating in music therapy allows autistics the opportunity to experience non-threatening outside stimulation, as they don’t engage in direct human contact.

As was previously mentioned, music therapy is made specific to each individual. That being said, let’s take a look at the positive influence music therapy has had on autistic individuals.

Music therapy helps to stop this social withdrawal by an initial object relation with a musical instrument. Musical therapy has also helped autistic individuals by:

Keep in mind that although music therapy can have positive effects on autistic individuals, it is vital that an autistic receives such treatment from a trained and experienced musical therapist.

Child is Playing Piano    

 Autism Therapy

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