Childhood Autism

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Childhood Autism: Symptoms to be Aware of

By Susi irawati

 Childhood Autism

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Currently, the word autism becomes more and more familiar than a decade ago. There are countless numbers of questions about autism, including childhood autism that still needs to answer. However, we can say that our knowledge about autism in general and childhood autism is much better than a decade ago. Most experts will definitely agree that it is extremely crucial to detect and treat childhood autism as early as possible. However, what should be looked out for by parents due to the early symptoms of childhood autism?

The diagnosis of autism generally is between three to four years of age. However, some symptoms could be significant even when the child is in his first year.

Here are several important symptoms on early childhood autism to consider, they are:

– Have a minimum eye contact: childhood autism sufferers may not initiate contact with others or do not follow their parents stare.

– They way they initiate to communicate with others is abnormal. They tend to strive for themselves in looking for a help with something rather than asking for assistance.

– Childhood autism sufferers tend to have a lack of response to their name.

– Having difficulty in interpreting the feeling or thinking of other people.

– Childhood autism sufferers tend to show abnormally high or low sensitivity to light, noise, pain or crowds.

– They tend to do certain movements repeatedly like twirling or rocking. Some childhood autism sufferers even have a self abuse habit like banging their own heads.

– Childhood autism sufferers tend to have an odd speech pattern or delay in achieving speech.

– They also focus on one object for long periods to the exclusion of other people around them.

– Childhood autism sufferers usually speak in a sing-song or flat tone.

– Abnormality when playing with their toys. They tend to do something strange with the toys instead of playing normally.

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