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On July 19, 2010, in Autism, by Susi Irawati

How to Diagnosing Autism in Children

By Susi Irawati

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We can find that autism is increasing year by year. And we should be able to recognize the children who have autism. We should not make a distance from them, because actually they need friends beside their parents. As society, we have to learn how to diagnosing autism in children. It will help us to recognize them easily. Since autism is disorder which the evidence causes are still debated, then some analyzers require close observation toward this conditions. Actually what autism is? It is a development disability of children. There are lots of unknown facts about autism, such as we should do not know what cause it because there is no real medicine. But some treatments to heal the children who have autism already exist. We can notice autism when the patient during childhood, it will be more clear when they are three years old. We can check our child’s pediatrician form whether they are normal baby or not. That is why we need to understand about the signs and figure it out so we can suspect that our children may be autism or not.

Here are some basics signs of diagnosing autism toward children, such as they are difficulty in communication or acting silent; they usually have some problems in interacting with social or playing; they will avoid the contact from another for example smiling or eye contact; they usually repeat the sounds or motions; they have frequent temper of the tantrums; and they delay to speech or physical development. And if you have child that show those, what you should do is to make sure that all physical and  health  problems which can cause it. You can do some kinds of test, for example do a whole physical such as hearing, gene lead poisoning test, neurological test, and blood work or another tests.

As parents, you have to make interview toward your children’s doctor. You can discuss about what was happened to your child, about the symptoms that you have noticed. Then you need some medical or mentally health about medical history of your family and children. Ask your doctor to do some tests to diagnosing autism, such as the behavior observation so let the doctors watch when your child interact, play and solve the games and see the responds; evaluation using a speech will evaluate the language of your child’s speech and their ability of communicating with others; and give some tasks to be accomplished.

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