Infant Autism

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Symptoms of Infant Autism

By Susi Irawati


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Autism Infant Symptoms

Infant Autism cannot be detected quickly when the baby is born. There are no parents who know directly if their baby suffers autism. Most parents know the symptoms of different characters of their children at the age of children 1 to 3 years. Including whether their child showed symptoms of infant autism. In certain cases, there are some parents who can regarding these symptoms early in infancy infant babies. The researchers showed that certain behaviors in infants can predict fairly accurately that will be developed into a symptom of autism. In addition, researchers also found when there are families who are suffering in autism, it would be possible infant autism in their offspring.

Autism is a very complex developmental disorder in children. The symptoms have been floated before the infant autism reaches the age of three years. The most prominent symptom is the attitude of infant autism who tends not to care about the environment and people around them, and seemed to live in their own world. Infant autism also has difficulty in understanding the language and communicate verbally. Symptoms of autism vary widely. Some infant autism has hyperactive and aggressive behavior, but some are passive. They tend to be very difficult to control their emotions.

All you have to consider whether your child is suffering from infant autism or not is to recognize the symptoms. Infant Autism cannot  speak a word until the age of 7 months and cannot  combine two words in the age of 2 years. In addition, they also often avoid eye contact and did not respond when his name was called. Infant Autism also is not interested in the friends around him. If your child showed these symptoms, immediately consult with a professional who specializes in child development and explores the field of autism. And apparently if your child is suffering from infant autism, you no longer need to worry. Still love your child, always accompany and give encouragement. Teach them to think independently. You also still need to consult with autism experts to conduct therapy. There are several types of therapy for infant autism, so they can learn to communicate and control their emotions.

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