Signs Of Autism

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Pay Carefully   to Potential Signs of Autism

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Parents suspecting that their child might be suffering from autism should pay attention to any sign that may reveal the presence of the disorder. Signs of autism can sometimes be spotted from the moment of birth, the child manifesting little responsiveness to stimuli, failing to anticipate movement and paying little attention to their mothers or caretakers.

It is very important to quickly see the first signs of autism, as this disorder is known to cause serious damage to the child’s behavior, social interactions, communication skills and adaptability. Children with autism develop slower than normal children of the same age. Autistic children are different from normal children judging by aspects like personality, skills and abilities. Sometimes, however, parents are able to detect the presences of certain abnormalities in the development of their child. An interesting form of autism is regressive autism.

The signs of autism in the child’s first years of life are:

1. Poor responsiveness to their own name and selective responsiveness to sounds (children with autism may ignore certain sounds, while responding to others of the same intensity);

2. Poor imitational behaviors (unlike normal babies, small babies with autism don’t often imitate facial expressions and gestures like hand waving, smiling, making faces).

It is vital to pay attention to potential signs of autism in the development of small children.

Knowing the Early Signs of Autism is Important

Doctors prefer to analyze possible signs of autism when children are at the ages of 3 to 4 years old.

An autistic child does not give these specific reactions. An autistic child does not respond to loud noises.

The ability to maintain eye contact is another way to know if the child may be suffering from autism.  A child with autism tends to play by alone, doesn’t babble or smile during infancy and tends to lag in language development skills.

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 Signs Of Autism

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