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mother hugging The Needs Of The Autistic Child

Knowing The Needed of Autistic Child

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The autistic child generally stays aloof and is unable to respond to others. It isn’t uncommon for children affected by autism to not speak at all. Some autistic children are exceptionally bright and do quite well in school although they may have problems adjusting to the school environment. Other children suffering from autism may not do as well and autism is often associated with mental retardation as well. Teaching an autistic child to function in normal society can be frustrating at times since the child needs your constant attention and the whole process can be quite intensive.

Here are a few ways you can help your autistic child overcome this problem and develop into a well rounded individual:

 Autistic Child

Teaching autistic child

–  In the absence of a set routine, an autistic child may respond with a bizarre behavior

– It has been observed that the autistic child doesn’t learn well from experience. In fact, every event that that transpires may seem completely new to the autistic child, even if the same event took place yesterday.

– Look for the best educational program to suit your child’s needs. Preschool intervention programs offer special courses for the autistic child who is not old enough to go to school yet.

The  Secrets of Hugging an Autistic Child

Have you ever wondered how to hug your Autistic Child and get the responses that both of you need?

Well here are the top 8 things that you need to know about hugging your autistic child.

1. Hugging your autistic child can cause more distress than it was obviously meant to cause.

2. Autistic children or adults are often unable to communicate their needs by indicating a particular amount or length of pressure.

3. The simple hug can be both distressing and frustrating for your autistic child.

4. Autistic children sometimes crave pressure to help calm anxiety.

5. Allowing Your Autistic Child To Control The Pressure of A Hug Can Work Wonders

6. You don’t have to give your autistic child the hug they need

7. You can wrap your child in a blanket

8. Children with ASD sometimes react better with Mechanical devices

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