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What is The  Differences Between Autism Syndrome and Aspergers Syndrome?

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Autism and Aspergers syndrome are referred to as autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  Aspergers syndrome is sometimes called “more advanced autism,” inferring that the Aspergers patient has fewer challenges that the autistic patient. Autism and Aspergers syndrome both involve problems with mental processes.

There are differences between autism and Aspergers syndrome, though. Let’s start with autism. Autism’s most striking symptom is an extreme lack of communication and social skills arising from rigid mental thought processes. Determining if the child has autism or Aspergers syndrome requires some travel though the gray areas of diagnosis. Autistic children are nearly lacking in social and communications skills in general. Aspergers children have the social and communication skills, but at an incomplete level.

While very similar in manifestation, a diagnosis of either autism or Aspergers syndrome requires professional assessment.

Aspergers Symptoms & Aspergers Diagnosis

 Aspergers Symptoms

asperger symptoms


The Autism Spectrum Disorder (“ASD”) is used to describe a series of related disorders which can include Aspergers disease, autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (“PDD-NOS“) and is often displayed in conjunction with ADHD.

For those looking to identify Aspergers symptoms as a precursor to Aspergers diagnosis, there are three main areas of difficulty which are common to people with Aspergers, there are:

1.Impairment in social interaction

2.Impairment in communication

3.Restricted and/or repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests and activities

Not all sufferers will display each Aspergers symptoms and the severity and presence of each symptom may vary. Social Interaction Impairment

Whilst Aspergers symptoms can be varied, they frequently include marked difficulties with nonverval behavior such as interpreting body language, eye contact, understanding or utilising appropriate facial expression, and other cues commonly associated with regulating social expression. Restricted Behavior, Interests & Activities

Other Behavior Symptomatic Of Aspergers

In addition to the Asperger’s syndrome symptoms above, many professionals will include other behavior as part of their Aspergers diagnostic criterea. Whilst the precise cause of Aspergers is not yet known, there are established methods of treatment, and early diagnosis of asperger’s syndrome in children can be instrumental in minimizing the impact Aspergers may have on the sufferer.

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