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What is Autism exactly?

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Some have speculated that ancient legends about “changelings” are actually stories of children with autism. Although autism was not a term used at the time there are those who speculate that the wild boy of Aveyron was a child with autism.

Despite all this theorizing autism still remains a puzzle. What do we know about autism?

Children born with autism can improve along a number of pathways but they will always have autism no matter how seemingly like others they may become.

What is autism?

The neurodevelopment or neurobiological condition known as autism is highly variable. No two people with autism are alike. Having said that, all people with autism share common characteristics : Social impairment

Significant deficits in communication are present, to one degree or another, in all people with autism. People with autism have deficits in understand non-verbal communication. People with autism have pronounced difficulty with play or imagining. Repetitive and stereotyped movements or activities are often present in autism. People with autism have a strong need for consistency and sameness. This makes is imperative for people working with children with autism to individualize their interventions. Autism is a highly variable condition with no two children alike and with some children, seemingly near normal but having subtle deficits.

Proper treatment of autism must include appropriate treatment of any associated condition.

Education of children with autism. Many children with autism can be educated in the mainstream with appropriate supports.

Autism and the family

Autism is a family condition. Studies have shown that the emotional impact of autism on the mother can be quite severe. One study showed that 50% of mothers of children with autism screed positively for significant psychological distress and that this was associated with low levels of family support and brining up a child with challenging behavior. Mothers tend to cope by talking about their difficulties with friends, particularly other mothers of children with autism.

There is Hope for Autism

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Some children with ASD remain mute throughout their lives. Television and Children’s Cartoons, Movies Some of the other principles on this site may be of help for parents with children who have autism as well. Many children with autism are highly visual. Their minds might process information differently than other children, and might be susceptible to sensory overload much more easily than children without a disorder. Children in general easily become obsessed and addicted to video games, and some experiences of children with autism, show how the autistic mind can become, like with other children, obsessed with video games.

The autistic child needs help to “come out of his shell,” in some cases, as autism is associated with social withdrawal in some cases.

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