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Identifying the Autism Sign

By Susi Irawati


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Signs of Autism

The issue of autism is becoming more and more frightening, for as much six of a thousand children is suffering from this disorder. Some parents are quite late in treatment, for they cannot recognize the common autism sign children usually show. Therefore, as a good parent you are to know the autism sign or symptoms. Do not bother yourself by purchasing expensive children health book and magazine, for this article will bring you some common autism sign and symptoms, as well as how can you can recognize it, so that you will be able to give fast treatment and cure to your beloved children.

There are five steps you are to do to recognize the early autism sign, so you can give such fast treatment effort to your children. Since the early autism sign is low ability and development in language ability, you need to check and evaluate your children’s language ability, including the way they utter the right word for a certain expression or willingness. The second way to recognize any autism sign is by evaluating your children’s social interaction ability; low ability in social interaction is one symptom of autism. You should also identify if there is any autism sign in your children by looking at their eyes; whether they see straight to your eyes or not.

The autism sign can be identified by observing your children’s voice intonation while they speak. Usually, children with autism disorder have such an autism sign have plain intonation and voice pitch. You should also observe your children’s behavior toward a certain goods to identify any autism sign they are suffering. Most children with autism are having such an unusual obsession and relationship toward certain stuffs, such as toys, book, or other objects.

The last thing you are to do to recognize the autism sign is evaluating their learning ability; it your child has a very low ability in learning and acquainting new things, it might be one autism sign. After you do the above identifying effort, you should immediately take your children to your family pediatrician if your children show any autism sign that has been mentioned above.

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Autism Early Signs

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Autism Early Signs- The Signs to Observe

By Susi Irawati

autism early signs2 300x225 Autism Early Signs

Autism Early Signs

Not until the infants are 30 months old, the autism early signs will appear. Autism is a brain development disorder that it is hard to find the physical signs of this autism in the early age of infants. Autism impairs babies’ social interactions and communications that make them feel that they have their own world. Besides, they will show a special autism early signs such as the repetitive behaviors and things like showing unusual sight that cannot focus to certain object. However, the behavior that is showing autism early signs will be hard to observe before the babies reaching the age of three year old or more.


Autism early signs can be drawn from several symptoms that follow certain autism syndrome. The autism early signs will usually distinguish autism from the autism spectrum disorder. One of the autism syndromes that are often found is the Aspergers syndrome. This autism syndrome shows a quite clear autism early signs. This Aspergers syndrome is characterized by the difficulties to get make a good social interaction or involve in certain interaction. This will also show autism early signs such as the restricted and stereotyped interest and activities. Children with this Asperger syndrome will like to play alone and do not want to play other games; instead they will like one type of toy only. Autism early signs thus should be observed based on daily activities. Children with unusual repeated behaviors and strict interest are likely to suffer from autism.

Autism early signs of Asperger syndrome show no language and cognitive development troubles that a parent sometimes thinks that their babies are normal. Therefore, parents must be very careful in observing their baby behavior.  This is so, because their motor clumsiness and little language trouble can be the autism early signs that will be harmful if not seriously handled from the very early age of infants. Autism early signs are varied as the world now gives good attention that there are various reports that enrich people’s knowledge about autism. Autism is not an intellectual disabilities or mental disorder but the poor treatment will give the autistic child difficulties to live with the normal capability.

Therefore, parents should be very keen in treating the children with autism early signs for helping them to develop their overall intelligence and abilities.


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