Autism Babies

On May 25, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

Recognize Symptoms of Autism Babies

By Susi Irawati


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Autism Babies

The symptoms of autism babies is not different to the symptoms of autism in general, that is the social and communicative personality. Actually there are many other peculiar behaviors and related symptoms of this psychological condition. Autism babies have a tendency do not share their enjoyment with others and do not share in the enjoyment of others. Even in infant stages, when parents create gestures and smiles at them, autism babies do not respond in that common smile as babies often do. For the autism specialist, this tendency is enough for a first diagnose, though people imagine it is inconclusive. Autism babies make poor eye contact and hardly ever imitate sounds that made to them. Besides, autism babies do not make gestures or give to respond to other people. Autism babies will rarely point at any objects and would rather look everywhere else and not the object you are pointing to. Autism babies do not make friends very well, and not connected with their parents, siblings or their care givers. It is because autism babies are not expressive of their feelings, and also they are not sensitive to other people.


Most autism babies have major delays in their learning to speak ability and in several cases the autism babies actually do not learn to speak at all. Besides, autism babies do not make gestures so that they are lost their ability replace their missing speech with gesticulations and signs. If autism babies do speak, they tend to only repeat what you have spoken to them. Actually, they could repeat entire parts of a movie they have seen, play to your word for word since they have some incredible ability, but then they might refuse to talk about anything else. Autism babies be likely to misuse pronouns, and most of the time in conversation, they prefer to use the second person to refer to themselves. As they grow up, autism babies rarely lose that symptom even though other personality improves their observably. If your baby is autism babies, do not let them suffer. Guide your baby out of his world through symptoms of autism baby program right away.

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