Autism Infants

On May 25, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

Infants Autism: Several Symptoms Parents Should Take Notice

By Susi Irawati

Autism, including infants autism have lately become a hot issue in our society. When we look back about a decade ago, this particular issue seemed to be something beyond our thought. However, in recent times, we can easily find infant autism among our society.

autism infants Autism Infants

autism in infants

As a matter of fact, comprehensive information on this particular issue is also increasing due to many researches done to deal with such an infant autism. The definition of infant autism is a disorder in the neural growth of an infant made known impaired repetitive and restricted behavior. Due to its definition, parents may take a serious notice should they find something unusual in their baby’s growth. An early diagnose on such an autism will help your kid to get the proper treatment as early as possible. This will both of you and your kid to manage infants autism well. However, you may have lots of questions popping up in your mind about the symptoms or certain things to notice due to the infants autism.

The following are several crucial things that indicated a child is having an autism. You may take a serious notice whether you baby experience an autism or not. However, an intense attention on your baby’s development stages is very crucial to do. For example: smiling naturally is something to do by your 8 month old baby. Likewise performing basic gestures like pointing and making baby noises should be something your 1 year old baby can do. Perhaps, you can also compare your child to other children so that you can take a notice on their differences.

Here are several things to notice if your child is having an infants autism:

– On his first year, he or she does not point, babble or do some basic gestures

– Your child does not speak a word upon reaching sixteen months old

– Unable to combine two words when reaching two years of age

– He or she is not responsive to his or her name

– They tend to avoid eye contact

– Lack of social skill or language

– They tend to attach to an object or toy

– Does not smile

Should you find one or more of the above symptoms on your child, you had better consult your doctor for the possibility of having an infant autism. Thus, your child will get the appropriate treatment for such an infant autism. Awareness the autism is important to detect autism infants early as soon as possible.

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Autism Autistic

On May 18, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

Autism Autistic Symptoms and the Critical Age of their Appearance

By Susi Irawati

autism autistic 300x225 Autism Autistic

Autism Autistic

Autism autistic is a developmental disability that is caused by a neurological problem that affects brain functions. Autism autistic is characterized by the abnormal development of language proficiency, social adaptation, and many more. People should also know that autism autistic attack males four times as often as females. Autism autistic is a quite complicated trouble that appears only after the age of 30 months. Babies are usually normal in their early age but will show their autism autistic later. This must be used as concerns to take care children with autism autistic disorder better. Autism symptoms vary in several signs that usually appear as the children cannot make a normal social interaction. They will also suffer from the impairment for several cases including their disability to fix inanimate object, lack of eye contact, and insensitivity to pain. Children with autism autistic will show also abnormal verbal acquisition that is shown by repeated words and trouble to state anything verbally.

Autism autistic makes children change their behavior over time. Children with autism autistic will also show a mental retarded that make them find troubles to resist things that are arranged orderly. There are many more symptoms that should be handled perfectly since the very early age. Parents suspecting that their babies appear abnormal and seem to suffer from autism autistic should make a thorough observation to see the presence of disorder their babies might show. The symptoms of autism autistic are best to be handled during the first year of life to prevent the worse effect of them. Autism autistic most visible signs like the low attentions to movements. Therefore, mothers should give a good treatment when any sign of autism autistic is discovered. Autism autistic signs are also shown when the babies give no response for any stimulation. Parents should give their best attention to any development in their babies’ condition for preventing more serious damage for the children with autism autistic problem. Parents should also get prepared to serve their babies with autism autistic methods for improving their potentials. Parents should also give the best education exploring any methods for developing the personality, skills, and abilities.




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