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The Early Autism Signs in Infants

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Signs of Autism

The early autism signs in infants start to appear as early as six months but typically infants are diagnosed only upon reaching 3 years old.

It is important for parents to be aware of the early autism signs in infants. Early identification is important so that interventions can be implemented and parents can also seek advice and help from experts and from autism organizations. Babies suspected to have the disorder should be observed further and must be checked by pediatricians or autism experts.

Here are the 4 early autism signs in infants every parent must know:

Unusual interaction with others

This is the most common of all the early autism signs in infants. Autism impairs the social development of a person. Hence, babies with autism have an unusual way of connecting with others. Upon reaching 6 months, normal infants can already interact with others. This is the period when they start smiling, pointing objects of interest, babbling, and making eye contact.

Autistic persons have difficulty in adapting to changes. It is also evident when they display strange repetitive movements.

Lack of interest in the surroundings. Several studies conducted showed that babies with autism react differently when confronted with certain situations. Extremely irritable mood

Infants with autism often have difficulties controlling their emotions. If you observe most of the early autism signs in infants in your own child, it is best if you consult a pediatrician or an expert immediately.

The effects of autism can be minimized by adopting early intervention programs. Autism should not be a reason to burden your family.

Remember that autism children need special treatments for their good.

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