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Autism Causes to Understand

By Susi Irawati

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Autism Causes

Autism refers to a complex disability during development that presents itself during the first three years of an individual’s life. There are a number of possible causes of autism. Autism is caused by neurological disorders that usually effect the normal functioning of the brain. This in turn affects the development of an infant’s communication and social skills. Children with autism normally have communication issues. For instance, they might have problems with a wide range of activities and social interactions such as playing.

What is ASD?
ASD refer to Autism Spectrum Disorder which can also be referred as Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It is important to differentiate between autism and ASD. Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to any developmental disabilities that are caused by brain abnormality or autism. Autism is therefore among the notable causes of autism spectrum disorder. A person with autism spectrum disorder generally lacks basic social and communication skills. Individual with ASD generally prefer to follow certain behavioral trends and will resist any kind of minor or major changes to their daily routines. These individuals therefore prefer to prepare long in advance before changing any of their usual daily activities. This ensures that they eliminate or lower any possible resistance to change.

What causes autism?
When looking at what are the causes of autism in babies, it is important to note that there are many autism causes. Most of these autism causes have been proved although some have been dismissed as mere autism causes theories. For instance most parents of children with autism believe that autism is caused by something they did during pregnancy or early parenting. While it might be possible, such theories behind autism causes lack definitive answers. Some possible autism causes therefore remain controversial to date. All in all below are some of the common autism causes;

As the definition suggests, most cases of autism are genetically based. Researchers have been able to support genetic causes of autism with substantial evidence. This is because most studies shown that some cases of genetic mutation often lead to autism. Furthermore, studies have also shown that families with a history of autism are more likely to have more cases of autism. This shows that autism is an inherited disorder that can be easily passed on from one generation to another.

Immune Deficiency
There is also evidence indicating that autism causes are related to problems of the immune system. Studies indicate that some autism patients often have physical problems linked to immune deficiencies. Researchers back this claim because most autism treatments are developed from the basis of strengthening the immune system. There have been cases of successful treatment that targets on boosting the immune system however the evidence isn’t as strong to show a clear and direct relationship between autism and the immune system.

MMR Vaccine
Some studies show evidence that MMR causes autism. MMR vaccine refers to the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine. This vaccine uses several live viruses that are administered during immunization. Past research studies have shown that administration of these vaccines has increased autism cases. For instance, 1n 1994, MMR vaccine that was being administered to babies caused a spike in autism diagnoses that was accompanied by disabilities and fatal sicknesses. Since the introduction of the MMR vaccine, there has been an increase in autism diagnoses. These autism diagnoses mostly occur months after children have received their fast dose of the MMR vaccine. It is however important to note that the question of whether MMR vaccines is among the autism causes is still controversial. Some researchers have been on record refuting any claims that MMR causes autism however other researchers contradict these claims. When looking at what causes autism in babies however, the MMR vaccine remains a probable cause.

Food Allergies
There is evidence that some food allergies have contributed to autistic symptoms in the past and continue to do so. Autism causes theories on food allergies focus on food allergies caused by wheat and dairy products. Although some researchers refute these claims, most autism patients have been noted to have allergies to these foods which is a fact that can’t be ignored.

Poor Nutrition
Poor nutrition is also among the possible autism causes. There are autism causes theories that indicate that some essential nutritional components are effective in treating some aspects of autism. For instance, mega vitamin therapies which are nutrition based therapies have for a long time been used to treat autism symptoms. Examples of nutritional supplements that have in the past treated some aspects of autism include omega fish oils. These shows that poor nutrition can be a possible cause of autism.

Brain differences
There has been some evidence linking brain differences to autism causes. Research studies have notable differences between the brain of a healthy individual and that of an autistic patient. The most notable difference is the size. Autism patients have bigger brains than normal. These differences are responsible for a number of things such as different information processing abilities. Researchers believe that brains of autism patients “wired” differently. Concrete proof is however yet to be released on this issue.

Bad parenting
This is among the most controversial of all autism causes. Bad parenting was first brought forward as a probable autism cause by Dr. Kanner who was among the first doctors to seriously research on autism. He argued that autism causes were psychological. These claim started the generation of mothers blaming themselves for their children’s disabilities. His claims have however been dismissed by other doctors as baseless. No one knows for sure whether or not bad parenting is among the autism causes autism.

There are a number of environmental causes of autism. Environmental factors that contribute to autism causes have been associated with toxins that are readily found in the environment. Infants and young children are very sensitive to any toxins that they may get exposed to in the environment. Research indicates that early childhood life is very sensitive and exposure to toxins such as chemicals may be among the autism causes. Such toxins can cause nervous system and brain damage. Researchers have found evidence of toxic chemicals in brains of infants suffering from autism. The toxins in the environment can therefore contribute as probable autism causes.

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