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Can Autism cure?

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“Can Autism Cure?”

Traditional medicine, and even those in the biomedical community realize that there is no known cure for autism, although there are many different types of treatments, including biomedical autism interventions, that can help tremendously. Treatments include, diet (including the gluten-free and casein-free diet, and the specific carbohydrate diet), nutritional support (including multivitamin/minerals), Methyl-B12, hyperbaric oxygen, detoxification, anti-fungal therapy, and more, as well as non-biomedical intervention such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), speech and occupational therapy. Personally, I do not use the word ‘cure’ in my writings, lectures, consultations, or internet postings when discussing the various biomedical treatments available for autism spectrum disorders.

Autism really is treatable! Start your child down the road to recovery from autism. Biomedical Autism treatments and therapies have resulted in many, many children improving – even losing their autism-spectrum disorder diagnosis.

4 Treatments To Help To Cure Your Child with Autism

A lot of parents and guardians of autistic children often ask themselves whether autism can be cured. Unfortunately it cannot be cured. There is no actual cure for autism. There are only treatments that can make it easier to live with autism. Here are a few treatments to help autistic people.

1. Therapies. There are a number of therapies available that help treat autism.

2. Alternative treatments. Mineral and vitamin supplements are proving to be good treatments for autism. If you are giving any natural product to your child, ensure that your doctor is informed.

3. Music Treatment. Beside that you should try this treatment, play the classical music during the play time or when your child is sleeping is very helping for them. Some autism children get better with listening to classical music.

 Cure Autism

cure for autism

 Cure Autism

cures autism

4. Nutritional Methods. Test your child for possible food allergies. This helps ensure your child is getting positive treatment.


If your child is autistic, give him or her good consistent treatment.


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