Early Signs of Autism

On June 8, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

Early Signs of Autism Knowledge for Treating Autism Children Well

By Susi Irawati

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It is essential to know the early signs of autism for preventing bad things to occur for our children will be. Autism is a disorder of neutral development that is characterized by the impaired interaction and communication. Often, early signs of autism also show unusual behavior such as a repeated act and the habit to arrange things in order. The occurrence of autism or the process of it is not well understood. What people and the medical world know about autism is that this disorder affects information processing in the brain that the organization is not normally completed and connected. The nerve cells and their synapses are not organized quite normal that their behavior and sensitivity towards the environment is very weak. Early signs of autism are shown also by their behavior, which cannot catch instruction well. The early signs of autism are also followed by delay in cognitive development and language.

People must get informed with any method to handle the early signs of autism that they can make the best plan for improving their special ability. Autistic children will be helped by early behavioral and cognitive intervention by parents and anyone. Positive intervention with a special method will help the autistic children to gain their self-care, social, and communication skills. There is no way that the beautiful angels with autism cannot be cured. People should only get informed with the early signs of autism that the essential intervention and plan can be delivered for helping them from the very beginning. People must also take some roles in helping the autistic children by understanding them.

A family and other people should awareness with signs of autism. A family and other people should scrutiniz early signs of autism and then treat the autistic children different and special children and not treat them as children with a weird disorder.

Other early signs of autism such as the disability to carry out a simple instruction and cannot maintain eye contact. The children can respond to some sounds though it is hard for them to respond to human sound and language. Early signs of autism should be detected since the very early age that dangerous thing like their behavior disorder like self injuring and emotion outburst. The children with autism will also show early signs of autism that cover several unique behavior disorders like repetitive behavior such as rocking or flapping their hands. They will also show a clear insensitivity to pain and ability to resist extreme temperature. All of these early signs of autism will endanger the children life that parents and family control is essential for saving and helping them.

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Autism Toddler

On May 17, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

 Autism Toddler

autism toddlers

Autism Toddler: Inexpensive yet Effective, and Low Risk Treatments

By Susi Irawati

Most parents who have an autism toddler will find themselves very frustrated for certain times. Such an autism toddler will definitely need more if not full attention from both parents than the other kids in the house. The treatment for an autism toddler is sometimes very expensive, not to mention the possibility of any side effects from each treatment. However, you can determine to choose low cost treatments to help your autism toddler with his problem.

The followings are several inexpensive autism toddler treatments that will only cost you as low as $10 up to $100.

1. Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

It is a social skill training program for an autism toddler which is developed by Dr. Stephen Gutstein. Normally, a parent with an autism toddler will have to pay a certain amount of money that can reach up to several thousand dollars in advance only for the training. In fact, they also have to pay for the consultants. Fortunately, currently, you can get a lively forum, videos and downloads on the upgraded website at a low cost. You can even get a free trial training program for two weeks. This could be an alternative in solving your autism toddler problem.

2. Floortime

This is a therapeutic play developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan, which is proven to be effective for your toddler autism. Things you should prepare in carrying out this therapy i.e. a book called Engaging Autism, several old toys, a kitchen timer and lots of creative energy.

3. Social Thinking/Social Skills Therapy

To help you to teach social thinking skills to your autism toddler, you can take advantage from books, websites, and videos. These will certainly save your money rather than if you should hire an expensive therapist. In fact, taking a maximum advantage of the plain old play dates and sport league challenges could be very effective for your autism toddler.

4. Video Modeling

This method is proven to be effective in teaching your autism toddler about daily life skills up to complex social skills. For a relatively cheap video. Choose the most appropriate videos or ones of which content meet your requirements.

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