Aspergers Syndrome

On March 21, 2010, in Autism Children, by Susi Irawati

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By Susi irawati

Aspergers syndrome is an interesting phenomenon in the medical world. In a glance, aspergers syndrome is difficult to distinguish from patients with autism. For you who have seen the movie My Name Is Khan, you can easily recognize the aspergers syndrome through the main character Khan, played by India’s famous film star Shahrukh Khan. Aspergers syndrome usually experienced by some boys who have high intelligence. They exhibit behavior similar to autism symptoms, as well as having deficiencies in social relationships and communication skills.

A person with asperger syndrome may experience some disturbance character. A person with Asperger syndrome may have difficulty if there is a change around them, and they are always doing the same thing over and over again. People with asperger syndrome also experiences difficulty in reading signs or body language, and it is difficult for them to determine with good body position.

People with asperger syndrome has a very high sensitivity to sound, taste, smell and sight. They like the soft colors, don’t like the noise and the lights that are too bright. It might be normal for normal people to see somebody wearing yellow clothes, but people with asperger syndrome can be very disturbed by the yellow color. Most people with aspergers syndrome can be considered as a professor because of his intelligence, and can be a joke for their school friends, because they possess weaknesses in social interaction.

Please note, Asperger syndrome does not occur because of faulty upbringing by their parents or their environment. Asperger syndrome occurs because there is the abnormal development of brain nerve ambulant. So it is not true if asperger syndrome happened due to their parents so the child becomes stress. People with asperger syndrome usually can easily focus on one thing that attracts them. They can be experts in certain things, but if you bring them to school to study through formal education, they are usually not able to finish it. It is because people with asperger syndrome is only interested in one thing that attracts them. If they already interested in something, they’ll focus on it, so they can become very expert. People with asperger syndrome is also able to read and understand literature in a short time, things to others are not easy to do.

Asperger syndrome itself was first studied by an Austrian scientist named Hans Asperger. In 1944, Hans Asperger published a paper on the disorder suffered by some boys who tend to have high intelligence or more but have difficulties in social interaction similar to autism symptoms. In the movie entitled My Name Is Khan, you can see and try to understand what people with aspergers syndrome try to do. We can easily cross the heavy road, but it can be very frightening for people with asperger syndrome to hear and be in the crowd.

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