Teaching Children With Autism

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Methods in Teaching Children with Autism

By Susi Irawati

teaching children with autism Teaching Children With Autism

teaching autistic children

Teaching children with autism had been a central role in the care of children with autism and Asperger syndrome. Many children with autism appear to have retreated from a world which for them seems to threaten and unpredictable. They provide resistance to learning and change, often prefer isolation rather than human contact and have difficulty engaging in targeted employment when they are left to themselves or have inclinations to engage itself with particular interest in striking a long time.


Structured methods of teaching children with autism are suitable to counter isolation, stereotyped behavior, while enhancing the child’s development. In this context, Denmark in recent years has been inspired by TEACCH theory and practice of teaching children with autism from North Carolina, USA. TEACCH stands for Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped Children.

TEACCH Program has research and developed an effective and workable method of teaching children with autism that makes it possible to promote independence and increase social and communicative competence in children with autism.

More and more educators and teachers in Denmark have participated in intensive TEACCH training courses of teaching children with autism designed to teach professionals how they can best support the autistic child to compensate for their limitations and weaknesses. Here, organized daily pedagogical work from a structured educational frame of reference where clarity, predictability, clarity, visualization and repetition are the mainstays.

Teaching children with autism by social stories and comic strip conversations

In addition to structured pedagogy, there are other recognized methods of teaching children with autism were involved in reading. More and more professionals in Denmark use an engaging and effective instructional method of teaching children with autism developed by Carol Gray in Michigan, USA by social stories and comic strip conversations.

By using social stories and comic strip conversations can help to clarify and understand complex social situations and identify appropriate reading strategies.

ABA method for teaching children with autism

ABA is the acronym for Applied Behaviour Analysis.

ABA is a general psychotherapeutic and pedagogical method of teaching children with autism that has been specially developed and refined for the treatment of autism and related developmental disorders.

ABA treatment is intensive therapy, based on behavioral analysis and research proven techniques.

Intensive ABA treatment of teaching children with autism consists of 30-40 hours of learning per week.

ABA treatment of teaching children with autism provided in local kindergartens or schools so that children with autism are able to imitate and interact with normally developed children.

ABA treatment of teaching children with autism involves parents actively. Parents are trained together with the teaching staff and must carry a part of learning with the child weekly.

ABA treatment of teaching children with autism based on thorough analysis and data recording, so the effect of intensive treatment can be evaluated.

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Autism Strategies

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Autism Strategies: the Essential Components to Develop in Children with Autism

By Susi irawati

In a special education system such as education for autism, autism strategies should be applied in order to reach the best achievement for helping students with autism to live better. There is no perfect human in this world and those who live with several disabilities such as children with autism must get the best treatment because they need keener service in comparison to those who live normally.

Children with autism own special character that will be maximized with the best facilities and autism strategies to develop their potentials. Human will never be perfect, though they have to pass several levels in this life. Normal human will never be perfect and so the children autism. Therefore, people cannot treat them with less attention. Children with autism should get special autism strategies that will give them chances to get improved.

Autism strategies have been developed for years and several technologies for improving children with autism life into a better one. However, the applications of all autism strategies are not quite easy because it requires hard effort and special methods to apply.

Various models of autism strategies are introduced recently and all of them are delivered with various functions. Autism strategies can improve their overall understanding for their environment. This is essential for children with autism often find difficulties for adapting their environment. These are the main difficulties that affect their intelligence a great deal. Besides, certain autism strategies such as using pictures will be able to improve their expression of communication skills.

Autism strategies should also develop an essential thing like their social interaction skills. Children with autism will be more opened if they can interact well with their surrounding and therefore, they need special autism strategies that work on this crucial feature. However, there several more sides that should be developed well in order to improve their life quality. They need smart autism strategies that will be able to boost their attention, motivation, organization, and academic skills that will be beneficial for making them able to develop their intelligence quality much better.

In the long run, good autism strategies will make  autism child

 Autism Strategies

teaching children with autism

posses good skills to improve their self-help ability to make them independent.

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Autism Teaching

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Easy step for Teaching Children with Autism

By Admin

Autism is a developmental disorder that can affect anyone. Despite the disability involved when one has autism, teaching autistic children is still possible using techniques that are sure to work.

When it comes to teaching children with autism, hard is really an understatement. When determining the teaching strategies to use, a teacher can take note of the different symptoms of autism that can impede the natural learning process.

Here are some of the factors that need attention and thorough consideration to success in the aim of teaching children with autism.

1. Teaching environment. Because of autism, children find it hard to concentrate especially in the presence of loud noises and colors.

2. Routine activities. Children with autism cannot handle surprises.

3. Limited options.

Guide for Teachers And Educators Teaching Autism Children

 Autism Teaching

teaching children with autism

Autistic children learn and understand differently than other children. The teacher can take a class or learn lessons that will help autistic children. Autistic children are visual thinkers. If a young child is learning about animals, having flash card on the respective animals is important. The child can associate the nouns with pictures and understand the lesson better.

While teaching on autistic child, you might learn they are enamored with a certain object. When teaching a child with autism, try to use the object that they love in the teaching. Simulating an action will go a long way in an autistic child understanding the meaning. Autistic children may have a hard time following long-winded instructions. If a teacher doesn’t have the patience to deal with an autistic child this can really hinder the learning experience.

Understanding the signs of autism in here.

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