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Most Common Types of Autism

By susi Irawati

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Some people probably have no idea that knowing the types of autism is one preventive effort to such disorder that is commonly attacking children of all ages. Autism is the most dangerous mental disorder all parents should be aware of, for it attacks children with mental health that the children look and behave as much younger than their age. Parents whose children are showing this behavior are to give the right and best treatment. Yet, before deciding the best treatment for their children, parents are to know the common types of autism. In brief version, here are the five most common types of autism.

The first and common types of autism are classic autism, or scientifically called as Kanner’s syndrome. Children or people with this autism usually experience difficulties in communication with other people, for it does attack humans’ language ability. Children or people who are suffering from such types of autism do have things to utter and deliver, but they just do not know how to say the utterances. Asperger’s syndrome, or Asperger disorder, is also the common types of autism that is usually misdiagnosed with Attention deficit disorder due to the close symptoms and signs. Children who are suffering from these types of autism are also having difficulties with communication, along with social interaction.

The next types of autism are what people usually call as Childhood Disintegrative disorder; parents should be aware of this autism, for the signs usually occur at the age 2 to 4 years old. Other common types of autism parents should be aware of are Pervasive Developmental Disorder, for it sometimes does not show the exact symptoms. Therefore, parents who think that their children suffering from the types of autism are to see the doctor immediately.

The last types of autism all parents are to know are Rett syndrome, which is commonly occurred between 6 to 18 months. Different from other types of autism, this autism is usually attacking a female. Finally, as previously mentioned, knowing the types of autism are also knowing what preventive act and treatment method suit the sufferers. Therefore, parents whose children are suffering from any of the above types of autism are to see their family pediatrician.

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