Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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The Facts of Autism:

• In non-identical twins, if one child has ASD, there’s a 2%-8% chance the other will, too.

• About 40% of affected children do not talk at all.

• 25% to 30% affected children have some words at 12 to 18 months and then lose them.

• Studies suggest that the cost, over the lifetime of an ASD-diagnosed child, is $3.2 million.

What’s autism anyway? If your child is not demonstrating these age-appropriate behaviors, seek expert help and guidance.

In Pennsylvania alone, it’s estimated that some 25,000 children have an autism diagnosis. According to the October, 2009 Pennsylvania Autism Census Project, Allegheny has more than any other county in the Commonwealth with 2,235 affected children. Meanwhile, local colleges/universities often offer outreach programs, providing valuable insights and techniques for handling the challenges of an ASD child.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

 Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorders

What is autism spectrum disorder? Eugene Bleuler first coined the term autism in 1912. Later, in 1943, Dr. Leo Kanner, after studying eleven children suffering similar symptoms, used the expression early infantile autism.  Dr. Kanner wrote a paper based on his observation that was published in a medical publication called The Nervous Child. There are different kinds of autism, the most common one is known as Kanner’s Autism.

The term autism describes a neurodevelopmental disorder with a variety of symptoms and characteristics whose focus is on abnormal social relationships and interplay, difficulties with communications of both the verbal and non-verbal kind, a lack of focus in normal play and repetitive pattern behaviors.

This disorder was later called Asperger’s syndrome. In someone with autism they way the perceive the world can be very different than someone without autism. Treatments are less effective with each passing day as we grow older, so find out now with the complete autism resource for determining symptoms and goes into depth about ALL treatment options for autism, natural AND medical.

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